Traveler movement at some land border crossings reviewed, says Crisis Cell chief

Director of Covid-19 Crisis Cell Operations at Jordanian National Center for Security and Crisis Management (NCSCM), Brigadier Gen. Mazen Faraya, said travelers movement measures at the border crossings of Al-Omari, Sheikh Hussein, King Hussein Bridge, were reviewed.


Speaking during a press conference held at the Prime Ministry on Sunday, he said these land border crossings will be opened to the traveler movement as of next Thursday, October 29, adding the crossings designed to receive travelers are Al-Mudawara, King Hussein and Sheikh Hussein.


Meanwhile, Omari Border Crossing will continue to receive freight traffic and some exceptional cases that the Ministry of Interior operations room administers, and members of the diplomatic corps, he noted.


The mandatory quarantine on truck drivers will be suspended and will be replaced with a weeklong homestay, he said, adding truckers will be required to bring a PCR test five days before their arrival at the crossing, in addition to conducting another PCR upon their entry.


The trucker is also requested to spend a home quarantine according to the risk matrix issued by the Ministry of Health, he pointed out.


The official said a limited number of travelers will be received through the land border crossings, adding a hundred travelers will be allowed to enter Mudawara and Sheikh Hussein border centers, meanwhile, 150 travelers will cross into the Kingdom at the King Hussein Bridge.


The increase in the traveler numbers will take place according to the weekly assessment of work progress at the border crossings, he noted.


Faraya noted travelers arriving through the land crossings will be allowed to enter driving their cars after undergoing sterilizing procedures, and the Land Transport Regulatory Commission (LTRC) will provide public transportation means there.


To curb the transmission, the preventive measures for workers at the land border centers have been improved and Covid-19 tests were increased by equipping a coronavirus testing laboratory at each crossing, which is scheduled to resume its activities, according to Faraya.


To expedite repatriation, he announced all those wishing to return through the border crossings should register on the platform and fill out all data and obtain a QR code, in addition to a PCR test five days before their arrival.


The platform will be opened as of next Tuesday, and the various border centers will start receiving arrivals as of next Thursday, he announced.


With regard to investors who hold an investment card (A, B) and an investor passport, he said will also be allowed to enter without any registration on the platform, but under the same conditions- two PCR tests, the first 5 days prior to arrival, and the other conducted at the crossing.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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