“Tourism” begins the implementation of the TelThiban Center in May

Amman, The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said that it will tender the implementation of the Taliban Center for the next few years after completing the stage of preparing studies and designs.

According to the ministry, the center, which will last for one year, will serve visitors and highlight the natural landscape of the Dheban area, as well as marketing windows for the handicraft product of associations and members of the local community. Tourist and archaeological sites in Madaba. The center, which is the first project to be established by the ministry in the brigade, will be an important tourist destination for the start of the tour of Thiban, which starts from TelThiban and stretches about 10 kilometers. It has panoramic views of the Mujib reserve and the Qusayb baths.

Through this center, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities seeks to achieve the sustainable development of the brigade and will focus on the types of tourism tourism and tourism, environmental and natural, which are increasingly in demand and can be practiced in the tourist path of Thiban, providing a unique experience with the involvement of the local community in providing tourism services along Such as accommodation services and food and drink services, which contribute to the provision of direct and indirect employment opportunities and improve the standard of living of the brigade. The ministry seeks to achieve integration in tourism services in the region by providing accommodation, And bus stops.

The ministry will work on issuing new promotional materials, including brochures and maps, to introduce the importance of the Tel Teban site and the surrounding archaeological and tourist sites, and installation of signs and signs to indicate the tourist and archaeological sites in the brigade.

The Ministry expressed its appreciation for the partnership it has with the Mayor of Thiban and the Chairman and members of the Madaba Governorate Council to support and follow up the provision of financial allocations for the implementation of the Center’s project in the Debaan district.

Source: Jordan News Agency