“Tobacco case” hearing adjourned for June 11th

Amman, President of the State Security Court (SSC) Judge Col. Mohammad Afif decided, at the end of a public hearing on Tuesday in which he listened to two prosecution witnesses in the so called “tobacco case,” to adjourn the hearing until June 11.

The SSC began trial on March 12, and out of the 141 prosecution witnesses, the court heard 22 people so far.

Twenty-nine defendants are involved in the case, including six fugitives and a defendant who died in prison, and 24 companies, including 22 owned or registered with or represented by 22 of the defendants, and two companies registered with two public prosecution witnesses.

The case includes 136 affidavits on the 21 charges against the defendants, of those were 8 felonies and 13 misdemeanors.

Source: Jordan News Agency