Tkiyet Um Ali launches national project to increase Covid-19 vaccination rate

Tkiyet Um Ali launched the national awareness project to address the Covid-19 pandemic, with the aim of providing vaccinations to more than 100,000 individuals benefiting from the initiative’s programs.

In a press statement on Sunday, Tkiyet Um Ali vaccination center, funded by KBW, was inaugurated at its headquarters in the Mahatta area in the capital Amman.

The Covid-19 vaccine will be provided in the center for all segments of the society, after registering on Covid-19 vaccination platform under the name “Tkiyet Um Ali Vaccination Center / KBW,” the statement added.

The statement said the project reflects civil society organizations’ role in raising awareness in countering the Covid-19 pandemic and motivating the public to receive the vaccine, in cooperation with the National Center for Security and Crisis Management (NCSCM).

The project includes the establishment of mobile vaccination centers by Tkiyet Um Ali’s 330 partners, aimed to helping the public in remote areas to receive Covid-19 vaccine, simultaneously with the distribution of monthly food parcels, in partner with Jordanian charity associations, according to the statement.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Tkiyet Um Ali’s head, Samer Balkar, said mobile vaccination centers have been established countrywide, in conjunction with with distribution of monthly food parcels to families benefiting from the charity’s services.

Source: Jordan News Agency