Tkiyet Um Ali, Chinese embassy sign cooperation agreement

Amman, The Chinese Embassy here and Tkiyet Um Ali (TUA) signed on Monday a cooperation agreement to support the TUA beneficiaries’ families throughout the year.

Under the agreement, penned by Chinese Ambassador Pan Weifang and the TUA’s Director General Samer Balqer, the embassy secures monthly food parcels to a number of vulnerable families, in a bid to support the comprehensive community development of the poorest families.

On the occasion, Weikang said Tkiyet Um Ali was picked to help meet needs of poor families as part of its considerable efforts in this field as a non-governmental organization concerned with humanitarian action to fight food poverty.

He added China is pushing ahead with its support to Jordan in all fields, especially in roads, water, educational and cultural domains, as well as providing all forms of assistance to the country to address repercussions of the Syrian refugee crisis and alleviate burden on its economy.

Balqer, for his part, valued the embassy’s support for Tkiyet Um Ali, saying: “We are proud of this quality partnership because it shows confidence of the diplomatic corps in our humanitarian role in helping the poorest families, enabling them to have a decent life.” Tkiyet Um Ali is currently providing sustainable food support to 30,000 underprivileged families living in extreme poverty in all the Kingdom’s governorates through a monthly food parcels, which contain 22 food items that meet the targeted family’s nutritional requirements.

Source: Jordan News Agency