The Palestinian cause at the forefront once again :Imam of the Royal Hashemite Court

Zarqa. Imam of the Royal Hashemite Court, Sheikh Ghaleb Rababeh, said the U.S. administration’s decision to relocate its embassy to the occupied Jerusalem has rejuvenated the Palestinian cause to the forefront after it was obscured for a long time period.

At a lecture hosted by the Hashemite University on the Arab character of the hoy city Thursday, Sheikh Rababeh underscored the King’s unwavering efforts to staunchly defend Jerusalem at global arenas to preserve its Arab identity.

The King, he added, launched efforts to reverse Washington’s bid, conspicuously incarnated at his continual talks with Arab and Muslim leaders. The U.S. step, he underlined, will not affect the Palestinians’ rights in their consecrated capital.

He, moreover, highlighted the Jordanians’ “heroic” sacrifices on the Palestinian soil, a testimony of the Kingdom’s unequivocal defense of the fair Palestinian cause.

Source: Jordan News Agency