Tender for Ayla Hospital’s 2nd phase floated

The Ayla Specialized Hospital in Aqaba, currently under construction, has floated a tender for implementing the second phase of the project, which includes the electromechanical works.


In a statement, the hospital’s board chairman, Musheir Melhem, said that opening the door to bids at this time came to speed up the completion of the hospital, which will be a medical landmark in terms of equipment, treatment and competence.


“The project implementation is proceeding according to the schedule in order to be ready for operation in the second half of 2022,” he added.


The hospital’s first phase covers an area of 10,000 square metres, with a capacity of 70 beds, while the second phase covers an area of 6,000 square metres, bringing the hospital’s total area to 16,000 square metres, with a capacity of 120 beds, an open-heart operating room, and a 6-bed intensive care unit for heart operations.


Melhem stated that the hospital was keen to create first-of-their-kind departments in Aqaba, specialized in plastic surgery, obesity treatment, skin and hair transplantation, eye treatment and vision correction, endoscopy of the digestive system, lithotripsy and dialysis, and a department for cancer patients.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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