Tarawneh condemns Israeli atrocities against children

Geneva, Lower House of Parliament Speaker Atif Tarawneh on Monday condemned the Israeli occupation authorities’ practices against children and women in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Responding to allegations by the Israeli parliamentary delegation at the 138th Session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Geneva, Tarawneh said that such practices would not help bring peace to the region.

A member of the Israeli team said that the Israelis are a peace-loving people and that Palestinian children are the ones who attacked and killed Israeli civilians, expressing shock at the international accusations against Israel.

Tarawneh responded: “Your prisons are full of children detainees, and the latest of your actions was the arrest of Palestinian girl Ahed al-Tamimi, and that if a committee of the international parliament went to the Palestinian territories, it would find out that thousands of Palestinian children are incarcerated.” Addressing the Israeli team, Tarawneh said: “We are a peace-loving people. Peace underlines the legitimacy of the Hashemite custody over Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem, and we will not compromise that. And peace does not recognize Jerusalem as your capital, a unilateral decision taken by the United States of America that was met with wide international rejection. We will not forget the Palestinians’ rights in Jerusalem.” Tarawneh’s remarks were welcomed by delegations participating in the conference, which yesterday saw the adoption of a resolution rallied for by the Jordanian delegation in support of the Palestinian people’s rights in Jerusalem.

Source:Jordan News Agency