Jordan’s Minister for Foreign and Expatiates Affairs Ayman Safadi on Wednesday discussed with the UK Immigration Minister Caroline Knox the issue of Syrian refugees.

During the meeting, Safadi focused on the resettlement of 422 Syrian citizens, who were allowed to enter Jordan for a limited period until their resettlement procedures are completed.

Britain, one of three countries in addition to Canada and Germany, has pledged to resettle those Syrian ‘White Helmets’ citizens who were working in the civil defense in opposition-controlled areas and fled to the occupied Golan when the Syrian army began an offensive to restore the border region.

Jordan gave the United Nations the greenlight to regulate the 422 citizens’ passage through its territories after receiving pledges from the three countries to resettle them within a maximum period of three months.

For her part, the British minister briefed Safadi on the steps taken by her country to complete the settlement process at the time agreed upon.

Knox lauded Jordan’s “great” humanitarian role towards the Syrian refugees, stressing London’s resolve to support the Kingdom to help it shoulder the refugee burdens.

Safadi and Knox called on the international community to continue shouldering its responsibilities towards the refugees and to provide the assistance that contributes to meet their needs.

The two ministers discussed bilateral cooperation and means of enhancing it at the bilateral level to counter common regional challenges.

They stressed the strength of the historical relations between the two countries and the keenness to develop them in all fields.

Knox also met Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Mary Kawar, to discuss the economic challenges facing Jordan and the consequences of the Syrian refugee crisis.

In this context, Kawar called on the international community to continue providing assistance to the Kingdom and assume its responsibilities towards the cause of refugees.

Kawar lauded the UK’s support for Jordan, and said the hosting of more than 1.3 million Syrian refugees in the Kingdom had an impact on various sectors and services provided by the government.

“Jordan is a model for the world to follow suit in terms of receiving refugees and sharing resources with them,” she pointed out.

During the meeting, which was attended by the British ambassador to the Kingdom Edward Oakden, Kawar said Jordan resorted to the development dimension in tackling the influx of Syrian refugees after the focus was on the humanitarian aspect during the beginning of the crisis.

She stressed the need to coordinate international efforts to provide the appropriate support to the Kingdom to shoulder the burden of hosting Syrians, particularly the aid aimed at the education and health sectors, in addition to enhancing the role of women.

For her part, Knox praised Jordan’s role in welcoming the Syrian refugees and continuing to provide support and assistance to them, expressing her country’s understanding of the challenges facing Jordan as a result of the refugee crisis and the burdens of hosting Syrians.

The UK government has announced the expansion of the resettlement program for vulnerable people by allowing the resettlement of a number of Syrian refugees from Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Turkey in Britain, Knox said.

Source: NAM News Network