Students’ best interest, resuming classes was “gov’t top priority” says PM

Amman, Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, said Sunday His Majesty King Abdullah II’s directives on the necessity of prioritizing dialogue and achieving public interest contributed to the return of students to their schools.

Razzaz told journalists: The decision to strike an agreement with the Jordanian Teachers Syndicate (JTS) was not easy, and will increase the budget deficit, pointing out that the government has prioritized students’ best interest over the financial issue.

He stressed that the government put the interest of students above any consideration, and highlighted the need for their return to schools, as the continuation of the strike would’ve harmed their interest and costed them a full semester.

He called on all parties to draw lessons from the latest events in order not to repeat them.

Razzaz pointed out that dialogue and respecting different opinions should prevail in society, stressing that the interest of the country should be transcend difference in views between the conflicting parties.

Several months ago, the government has started a dialogue on the civil service system, the prime minister noted, adding that the current system is outdated and need to be reviewed to achieve justice between various sectors, in addition to the need to link bonuses to performance.

Source: Joran News Agency