SSC continues hearings in Salt Cell case

Amman, The State Security Court (SSC) on Monday continued its hearings in the so-called Salt Cell case, during a public hearing chaired by Judge Mohammad Afif with the membership of Judge Ahmad Qatarneh and Nasser Salamat, in the presence of the SSC Prosecutor General Judge Bashar Zyoud.

Thirteen defendants, including three women, were brought before the court, while a 14th defendant is being tried in absentia.

The court listened to 5 prosecution’s witnesses, whose testimony focused on a number of defendants’ statements. Four prosecution’s witnesses said the defendants had made their statements voluntarily and without pressure or force.

The witnesses affirmed that their task was to record the defendants’ statements based on their official mandate.

The SSC decided to adjourn the session Monday April 15 to continue hearing the rest of the prosecution’s witnesses in the case.

Source: Jordan News Agency