Shigella identified as cause of poisoning of 58 people in Jerash

Director of the Jerash Public Hospital, Sadiq al-Atoum, said that test results showed that the poisoning cases in Jerash were caused by the Shigella bacteria, a contagious infection typically spread by contaminated surfaces, food or water.

Al-Atoum told the Jordan News Agency (Petra) on Wednesday that the number of poisoning cases rose to 58 people, who live the Jubbah area, noting that 53 patients were discharged from the hospital after receiving treatment, while the remaining five cases had to be admitted to the hospital.

The Shigella bacteria causes an infection called ‘shigellosis.’ A patient usually presents with symptoms of the infection, which include bloody diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps, 1 or 2 days after infection, lasting to about 7 days. Most infected individuals recover without needing antibiotics.

Source: Jordan News Agency