Seven mining companies interested in gold exploration in southern Jordan

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Saleh Al-Kharabsheh said on Saturday that the ministry has received applications from seven mining companies to explore gold in the Wadi Araba region in the south of the Kingdom.

He said in a press statement that the firms had showed interest in the “promising gold deposits” in wadi Araba, and that their applications will be studied by an ad hoc committee to identify the companies that meet the required terms.

The minister stressed the importance of the applications, a step that would “complement the initial exploration efforts amid encouraging signs of the existence of an economic resource in the Kingdom and the government’s readiness to work with qualified developers to exploit this important resource.” The ministry announced on January 24 that it opened the door for receiving applications to explore gold in Wadi Araba, which ran out last Thursday.

Source: Jordan News Agency