Senate President calls on Germany to increase support for Jordan

Senate President Faisal Fayez, Thursday, called on the Federal Republic of Germany to increase support and investments to Jordan to enable it overcome the burden of Syrian refugee influx and its various repercussions.

Fayez remarks came during his meeting with German businessmen accompanying Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is on an official visit to Jordan, Fayez stressed the importance of building investment partnerships between the two countries, based on their strong and solid bilateral ties.

The meeting, also tackled the latest developments in the region, including the Palestinian issue, the security and economic repercussions of the Syrian crisis on Jordan.

“Since the outbreak of the Syrian crisis, Jordan has provided refugees with around USD 10.3 billion, which placed a huge burden on the country’s already troubled economy, ” Senate President explained.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Senate Finance Committee members, Fayez stressed that relations between the two friendly countries are strong and based on mutual respect and cooperation.

” There is great consensus between the two countries on many issues, the most important of which are fighting terrorism and extremism and advocating for political solutions to various issues in the region,” he said.

Despite regional conditions and challenges, the Kingdom has remained stable secure and politically strong, he said, adding that Jordan faces economic hardships mainly after closing the borders with Syria and Iraq before Jordanian exports .

Fayez stressed the importance of exploring more partnerships, increasing cooperation and joint investments between the two friendly countries, urging German investors and businessmen to take advantage of the opportunities available in Jordan, especially in public transport, renewable energy development projects, mining industries and other projects in the technology sector.

He also highlighted the need to expand prospects of tourism cooperation between the two countries, especially in the field of religious tourism.

German businessmen hailed Jordan’s pivotal role under the leadership of his Majesty King Abdullah II in resolving conflicts and bringing about peace to the region, appreciating at the same time Kingdom’s humanitarian commitment towards Syrian refugees.

They also expressed keenness to expand cooperation with Jordan in several fields, mainly in the economic, investment and trade domains in order to increase trade exchange between Jordan and Germany.

Source: Jordan News Agency