Senate kicks off national challenges dialogue

The Senate embarked on a comprehensive national dialogue with the political, academic, economic, and social players in a bid to highlight the challenges facing the Kingdom on the local arena and externally.

President of the Senate Faisal Fayez, who kicked off the dialogue on Sunday, met with representatives of the trade and industrial sectors to find a common ground on the future of reform in the country.

During the discussions, Fayez said the aim of the dialogue is to create a clear vision on the various issues and challenges, and to move forward in accordance with a “consensual” agenda towards the desired reforms.

On the dialogue goals, he said the economic situation drove the launch of this move as this dimension is the epicenter of balance in the equation of the Kingdom’s reform, taking into consideration the financial hurdles facing the Kingdom locally and regionally.

On proposed solutions, he called on the industrial, commercial and productive sectors to focus at the current stage on the employment of Jordanian youth, and to open up new trade prospects to rural areas.

Fayez stressed the need to benefit from the privileges made available through the trade agreements Jordan has signed with several countries, foremost of which is the United States of America.

On a wider scope, he called on adopting a new economic approach, which accelerates the process of economic growth, increases national production, stimulates competitiveness and strengthens state resources through a fair tax system.

Source: Jordan News Agency