Scout presentation for students of closed summer center in Hodeida

The Assistant Undersecretary for Eastern District Affairs, Amer Muthanna, expressed his pride in the level the students of the center have reached in practicing physical fitness and scouting skills.

He praised the role of those in charge of the closed summer center, which includes students from the districts of Bajil, Baraa and Al-Hujaila, and their efforts in caring for the skills and abilities of those enrolled in sports, science and culture.

In turn, the director of Bajil Directorate, Abdul Moneim Al-Rifai, praised the interaction of the students of the Martyr Leader Summer Center and the extent of their excellence in implementing activities and programs that would raise their level of educational attainment and develop their perceptions based on the culture of the Holy Quran.

The students of the closed summer center presented various scout performances in Al-Araj coast in front of and on board the boats, which reflected their creative energies, morale, and their distinguished level of participation in the summer sessions.

Source: Yemen News Agency

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