Schools to reopen on time, says Adaileh

Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh said Tuesday that the state looks after the interest of students who have lost a lot throughout the school year due to exceptional circumstances, stressing the academic year will start on time.


In a meeting with local broadcasters at the Prime Ministry, Adaileh said that the government had wished things would progress positively following the agreement which was signed last year between the government and the Jordan Teachers Association (JTA), whose work has been suspended.


Most of the agreement’s articles have been met and implemented except for those that require amendments in the legislation and laws, which are underway.


He said “strong-arming” the state and threatening to resort to strikes and protests that would harm the country’s vital facilities are unacceptable. In addition, they flout the defense orders that had been issued to protect the people, stressing that the government will not sit idle as students’ future is uncertain as a result of protests and strikes.


The government’s latest decision to suspend the technical pay raise for public servants will end by the end of the year as they will be back in place starting 1/1/2020.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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