Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE pledge $2.5 billion aid package to Jordan

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE, early Monday, pledged $2.5 billion aid package to support Jordan’s economy, according to a communique released at the end of a meeting attended by His Majesty King Abdullah and HRH Crown Prince Hussein.

“In light of the close brotherly ties, it was agreed that the three countries would provide an economic aid package to Jordan totaling USD 2.5 billion,” the communique said.

The package of aid will include a deposit at the Central Bank of Jordan, guarantees to the World Bank in favor of Jordan, annual support for the budget of the Jordanian government for five years as well as funding of development projects by development funds in the three countries.

Following the meeting, His Majesty King Abdullah II, thanked King Salman Bin Abdulaziz for holding the summit and for Kuwait and UAE for responding to the invitation, expressing appreciation for the aid that would help Jordan overcome its economic crisis.

King Abdullah stressed the deep brotherly and historic ties between Jordan and the Gulf countries participating in Mecca meeting, which are always keen to support Arab countries to achieve prosperity for their peoples .

King Salman has called for a meeting in Mecca in response to the “economic crisis” sparked by peaceful protests last week in Jordan .

The meeting was also attended by the King’s Advisor, the King’s Office Director, His Majesty’s Advisor for Economic Affairs and Jordan’s Ambassador in Riyadh.

Source: Jordan News Agency