Samsung Adds Support for Matter 1.2 to SmartThings

Sepul, SmartThings, Samsung’s global connected living platform, announced a suite of updates and exciting announcements.

Among the new features are shareable routines, enhanced hub functionality, new device control, and SmartThings Energy enhancements, in addition to the announcement of Matter 1.2 support that will enhance smart home ecosystems.

These platform updates have been designed to make it even easier for users to manage their smart devices and routines.

Shareable Routines is a new feature within the SmartThings platform that allows users to share their daily routines with others. This means users can easily pass on their automated sequences of tasks or actions to guests or friends, enhancing the overall usability and accessibility of these routines.

With Shareable Routines, you can easily share this routine with your friends or family who would like to set up the same routine at their house. They can activate the shared routine by simply scanning the QR code of the routine, and SmartThings will t
ake care of the rest.

Full Matter 1.2 support in the SmartThings mobile app will come later this summer.

Through the new Device Control feature, Galaxy users can experience easier access, navigation and control of their smart home devices without interrupting their lives. Device cards are bigger to show you more controls for home devices, and users can select devices to create their own home control page. Once users finish creating their own home control page then users will have greater ability to control the smart home device, including adjusting TV volume or light brightness.

Source: Qatar News Agency