Russia vetoes UN resolution to condemn Iran over Yemen

Russia vetoed, late Monday, a UN draft resolution that would have pressured Iran over its failure to block supplies of missiles to Yemen’s Houthi militias.

The British-drafted text won 11 favorable votes at the 15-member Security Council but was blocked by Russia’s veto. China and Kazakhstan abstained, while Bolivia also voted against the measure.

Britain sought to focus attention on a report in January by the U.N. panel of experts monitoring sanctions against Iran that examined missile remnants fired into Saudi Arabia by Houthi rebels last year. It said many of these remnants “are consistent with those of the Iranian designed and manufactured Qiam-1 missile.” The new UN resolution 2402 (2018) reaffirmed “the need for full and timely implementation of the political transition process in Yemen.” The council has also decided to extend until 28 March 2019 the mandate of the Panel of Experts as set out in paragraph 21 of resolution 2140 (2014), and paragraph 21of resolution 2216 (2015).

Source: Jordan News Agency