Ruling to halt the teachers’ strike takes effect immediately, says Supreme Administrative Court

Amman, The Supreme Administrative Court affirmed on Wednesday that the ruling to halt the open teachers’ strike is in force, and in accordance with the law, from the date of its issuance, and notification to the parties as an “urgent and temporary verdict”.

The court’s ruling, based on Article 28 of the Administrative Judicial Law of 2014, which states: “Appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court shall not result in the suspension of the execution of the contested verdict, unless the court orders otherwise.”

Stopping the strike covers all the education directorates in Jordan, especially that the right to be protected is indivisible, which is the constitutional and legal right of students to schooling, the court’s verdict states.

The ruling is issued by the highest administrative court, and must be implemented immediately, especially as the right to be protected temporarily is deemed as a matter of urgency.

Source: Jordan News Agency