RSS’s energy research center earns global award

The National Energy Research Centre at Royal Scientific Society (RSS) has won the Energy Globe Award for “Solar Water Pumping Project in Jordan Valley and the Highlands” Project.


The project involved the replacement of inefficient electrical and diesel irrigation pumps, where it installed and operated 214 water pumps in the Jordan Valley and the Southern Ghors and 106 pumps in the Highlands (Azraq, Mafraq and Madaba) with Photovoltaic PV solar energy, the RSS said Tuesday in a statement.


All pumps in the Jordan Valley and Southern Ghors take water from irrigation ponds at the farms, and the irrigation ponds are fed by water supplied by the Jordan Valley Authority, while the pumps in the Highlands take water from farms irrigation ponds, which are fed from the water wells at the farms, according to the statement.


The project assessed and investigated the needs and challenges facing an ecosystem with all the elements such as the population, agricultural or industrial activities, climate change impact, energy and water management and availability, thus, engaging all the aspects of energy, water and food security to give rise to one comprehensive action and solution.


The nominal capacity of 320 Solar PVP Project is (4,237 kWh peak), the amount of electricity that can be produced by 320 PVP systems is approximately 6,779 MWh/year. Consequently, the emissions reduction from the operation of this system is estimated to be 4,167 tons of CO2-equivalent each year. The annual money-saving for this project is approximately 407,000 JOD for whole 320 farmers.


“We hope that this project will be a success story and the beginning of a series of projects aimed at improving the social conditions of the farmers and the economic and energy situation of our beloved country, which will lead us to spread this project and implement it to more than 10,000 farming units,” the statement added.


The Energy Globe Award: the World Award for Sustainability – was founded in 1999 and is considered one of the most renowned environmental prizes worldwide. Goal of the Award is to present successful sustainable projects dealing with environmental issues. From all over the world, some 800 projects and initiatives are submitted annually to compete for the award.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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