The Syrian army, on Friday, captured the Nasib border crossing, the main border crossing with Jordan, amid a progress on the ground through either reconciliations or military action, in the southern province of Daraa.

The TV said, the army raised the Syrian flag over Nasib crossing, which is located on the outskirts of a town bearing the same name, in the south-eastern countryside of Daraa. The army is combing the area around the border crossing and removing explosive devices left by the rebels, it added. Activists said, the Syrian police also reached the crossing, which the Syrian army lost to the rebels in 2015.

Meanwhile, state news agency SANA, said, a deal was reached on Friday, between the Syrian army and the rebels, to settle the situation in Daraa, where battles have been continuing since Jun 19. The deal, which is mediated by Russia, will start with a ceasefire, while the rebels in Daraa will hand over their heavy and medium weapons to the Syrian army, said SANA.

The rebels, who support the deal and want to stay in their towns, can stay, while the rejecters can leave Daraa towards rebel-held areas in Idlib Province in north-western Syria. The deal will see the Syrian government restore control over all border posts across the Syria-Jordan border, as the government institutions will return to operation in Daraa, according to SANA.

Meanwhile, the pro-rebel Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, both the Russians, who are representing the Syrian government, and the rebels agreed on a comprehensive cease-fire. They also agreed on the deployment of the Russian police in the countryside of Daraa, and near the border crossing with Jordan.

Under the deal, the rebels will hand over their heavy weapons, in exchange for the withdrawal of the Syrian government forces from four towns they stormed recently, in the eastern countryside of Daraa, according to the London-based monitor group.

The monitor group said, the army nearly captured 70 percent of Daraa, during the two-week offensive, while the War Media, media wing of the Syrian army, said, the Syrian army has captured almost all towns and villages in the eastern countryside of Daraa.

Amid the progress of the army, either through military action or reconciliations, the United Nations Higher Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), urged Jordan to open the border, for those fleeing the battles in Daraa.

UNHCR said, the total number of displaced has reached more than 320,000, with 60,000 gathering at the border crossing with Jordan.

Source: NAM News Network