Rouhani warns Macron of reducing nuclear commitments

Amman, Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, warned his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, that Iran would take the next step in reducing its 2015 deal of nuclear commitments unless Europe lives up to its own undertakings.

During a phone call between the two leaders on Saturday, Rouhani said that Iran had two priorities; for all parties of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to fully implement their obligations, in addition to securing the safety of all free maritime transportation in all waterways including the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz.

“If Europe cannot operationalize its commitments, Iran will take its third step to reduce its JCPOA commitments,” Rouhani reportedly told Macron in the phone call.

“However, this step, just like the other ones, will be reversible,” he said, adding that the contents of JCPOA are unchangeable and all parties must be committed to its contents.

Iran has not specified what its third step might be in reducing its commitments to the deal.

Meanwhile, Macron stressed the importance of the current dynamic to create the conditions for a de-escalation through dialogue and building a durable solution in the region, according to a statement by his office.

A French diplomatic source said it was important, after recent discussions between Paris and Tehran, to establish that President Rouhani was “still ready to negotiate, and that is the case.”

Source: Jordan News Agency