RJ sponsors 60 families…1st, final add

Tkiyet Um Ali Director General Samer Balkar lauded the airline’s support over the past years for the programs and activities of the charity organization.

He said that Tkiyet Um Ali believes it is important to partner with private sector institutions to achieve its vision of a hunger-free Jordan, noting that this is displayed in the social responsibility role of these national organizations.

According to the agreement, RJ will also sponsor one day of “Mawaed Al Rahman” iftar banquets, which Tkiyet Um Ali holds every Ramadan.

This year, RJ volunteers will serve meals to some 2,000 individuals who are expected to attend the iftar on the charity premises in Al Mahatta area/Amman.

Last Sunday, several RJ employees participated in preparing food parcels in Tkiyet Um Ali warehouses, in Qastal, near the airport, the statement said, and they will also participate in distributing the parcels to some underprivileged families from Madaba governorate.

Tkiyet Um Ali successfully maintains its continuity and sustainability of its feeding programs, with the number of beneficiary households reaching 40,000 families (some 200,000 individuals) living below the poverty line in all areas of the kingdom.

It also provides over 2000 people with meals during the Ramadan as part of its Mawaed Al Rahman program, as well as 1,500 meals for iftar every day across the Kingdom in cooperation with partner associations.

Source: Jordan News Agency