Razzaz stresses government’s commitment to providing care for orphaned children

Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Sunday visited Amman’s Child Care Center for boys aged 10 to 15.

The Prime Minister, accompanied by the Minister of Social Development Basma Ishaqat, toured the orphanage and was briefed on the programs, activities and services provided to orphaned children, described as similar to the natural family care in accommodation, food, clothing aspects.

The premier exchanged views with the children and the care providers at the orphanage, where the facility has trained supervisors to deal with this category of children through participatory and interactive education.

Ishaqat gave a briefing on the ministry’s role in providing protection for children in need of care and attention in the social, educational, mental, psychological, cultural and health aspects.

“It is our duty to all governments and communities in this holy month to visit and communicate with all groups that need support and care,” said the Prime Minister.

“Today I visit this orphanage to make sure that we as a government do our part,” the premier noted, expressing his satisfaction with the quality of the various care, and educational services, and noting the government will follow up on modernizing the facility.

The center, which currently has 46 children, provides psycho-social counseling services, enhancing students’ literacy and behavioral skills, as well as extracurricular and recreational activities.

Source: Jordan News Agency