Razzaz presents government policy statement to Lower House

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Monday said that the government is committed to abiding by the provisions of the constitution and the principles of the Kingdom, which includes justice, freedom, equality and national unity, guided by values of pluralism, moderation, tolerance and respecting opinions of others.

Presenting the government’s policy statement seeking the Lower House’s confidence, the premier said his government is guided by the Letter of Designation, in which His Majesty directed us to “launch a comprehensive national awakening that empowers Jordanians to harness their energies and pursue their dreams, and meets their needs through quality services, fair taxation, an agile, efficient government team, and a social safety net that protects the vulnerable.”

He added that His Majesty has also directed the government to forge a new social contract, clear in terms of rights and duties, shapes the relationship between the citizen and his government based on the constitution and enhances the citizen’s role in achieving sustainable development.

“Frankly I declare that citizens had enough of governments policies and decisions and we are fully aware that public confidence in governments has been shaken, Razzaz said.”

“Citizens become tired of all policies and decisions we make, their income did not improve, but decreased along with declining in purchasing power, he said adding that many of our sons and daughters are still without work, and above all, people find that public services in most sectors have also declined, or did not realize their ambitions.

Razzaz stressed that the government will set priorities through real partnership mechanisms that reflect the citizens’ concerns, aspirations and hopes. It will also forge mechanisms for implementation, a timeframe work program within available resources and capacities, based on transparency and allowing citizens to actively participate in the development and decision-making process through selection of representatives at the local and national levels.

He added his government is committed to full cooperation, dialogue and constant consultation with the Lower house in all issues to achieve the country’s high national interest. This will be translated into periodic meetings with the parliamentary committees and blocs to discuss the main issues and enable lawmakers to carry out their supervisory and legislative duties to the fullest extent, so citizens can obtain accurate information, raise their voices and hold the service providers accountable under his constitutional rights.

Source: Jordan News Agency