Razzaz presents government policy statement 4th LD

On administrative reforms, the prime minister, said an objective study should be conducted to restructure the ministries, official institutions and government departments, with the aim of improving their efficiency, and giving the minister the necessary powers to manage them.

On the education sector, the government will seek to provide a real alternative, serving the middle and low income classes, by providing a safe school environment and a stimulating teacher, and a qualitative education that keeps pace with the technological development and information revolution.

In the area of health care, he said the government will seek to put a fair health insurance system and ensure equitable distribution of health services.

In the transportation sector, the government will seek to develop an efficient public transport system to reduce traffic congestion, provide transportation services to individuals and will continue to implement major transport projects.

In the water sector, the government will continue its programs to achieve water security, protect water resources from attacks, tighten control over them, and achieve justice in distribution by improving water supply to areas that face this problem.

Source: Jordan News Agency