Razzaz presents government policy statement 2nd Lead

We are passing through an exceptional case, imposed by exceptional circumstances that requires exceptional solutions, I do not say magic solutions that address all these challenges overnight. Rather, I mean gradual solutions linked to a clear timetable, through which we can enhance our national economy and increase its ability to develop, to improve people’s standard of living.

Major guidelines inspired by the “Letter of Designation”, address people’s concerns, can be summarized in the following axes: Rule of law and fight corruption, addressing poverty and unemployment, promoting equal access to opportunities, encouraging domestic and foreign investment, controlling production costs, political, financial and administrative reform, upgrading educational, health, transport and water services, commitment to national security and constants as well as supporting our armed forces and our security apparatus.

Far from the list of wishes and big hopes, we set specific, achievable and measurable goals that will be negotiated with your chamber.

Firstly, the rule of law and fight corruption, which are citizens main concerns, in this regard, Razzaz ‘said the government is committed to paying this file great importance and fighting this scourge in all its administrative and financial aspects.

The government will develop a set of laws and regulations to combat and address the roots of corruption, including Access to Information Law, and Illicit Gains Law.

The government is also committed to providing an electronic platform to receive complaints from citizens that protects those who provide reliable and documented information of value to the concerned authorities. “Character assassination is not acceptable, and there is no immunity for the corrupt,” Razzaz stressed .

On the rule of law, the government stresses commitment to the contents of the “Sixth Royal Discussion Paper”, which bolsters the concept of the rule of law as the basis of a modern civil state. The government also is committed to supporting and respecting judicial independence and to providing a modern and developed institutional environment for the judiciary and its bodies.

On poverty and unemployment and ensuring equal access to opportunities, in this regard, the government is committed to implementing outputs of the “National Human Resource Development Strategy” and launching programs that qualify the unemployed, mainly youth, to make them active partners in development.

The government is also committed to expanding the social safety network, raising the number of families benefiting from social security programs, based on the principles of social justice aiming to empower families and supporting small income-generating projects, providing job opportunities, and the distribution of the tax burden away from the poor and marginalized groups.

Source: Jordan News Agency