Razzaz checks on workflow at Comprehensive Government Services Center

Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, on Wednesday inspected the workflow at the Comprehensive Government Services Center, established by the Ministry of Justice, with the aim of facilitating procedures on citizens and lawyers in obtaining services related to the justice sector.

The center, which includes 10 government agencies related to the judicial work, provides 80 government services over six days a week from 9:a:m until 9:p:m, and work is underway to increase them to 95 services.

During his tour at the center, Razzaz was briefed from the Minister of Justice, Bassam Talhouni, on the services provided by the center, which has completed since its inauguration on February 22, 2020, about 11,000 transactions at a rate of up to 4,000 per week.

The premier exchanged talks with citizens, who expressed their satisfaction for providing these services in one place, which saves time and effort.

In press statements, Razzaz said the center provides services in a totally innovative way different from the conventional public sector, which consumes time and effort of citizens in processing their transactions at various departments.

He said: “What distinguishes this center is providing all services in one place swiftly and easily,” stressing that work will be made to publicize this model across the Kingdom’s governorates.

The government, he said, is working to simplify procedures for providing services to the citizens, adding: “We are keen on credibility in dealing with them,” in order to transform this process into clear electronic procedures that do not burden the citizen to commute from one place to another.

Source: Jordan News Agency