PSD director meets Chinese Deputy Minister of National Security

Amman, Director of Public Security Department (PSD) Maj. Gen. Fadhel Hamoud met on Wednesday with the Anti-Terrorism Commissioner and Chinese Deputy Minister of National Security, Liu Yuejin, and his accompanying delegation.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed ways of enhancing joint cooperation in all security fields, especially in the area of combating terrorism and exchanging expertise and training.

In a statement, Hamoud said the bilateral relations are “deep-rooted” over the past decades, reflected in the level of cooperation and coordination between the military and security agencies in both countries and in all fields, as they aspire to open “wider” prospects in this regard, especially in the field of combating terrorism and exchanging experiences.

Terrorism is a rejected crime at all levels and is denounced by all monotheistic religions that call for moderation, and rejection of violence and extremism, Hamoud said.

Terrorism, he noted, is also a global concern for all the security services in the world after many terrorist operations took place that claimed innocent civic and military mortalities.

Continuing:” Combating terrorism and extremist ideology requires the concerted efforts of all security agencies from the different countries, developing the anti-terror capabilities to face this phenomenon, and raising the level of reciprocal cooperation, coordination and exchange of information and experiences to achieve the ultimate goal of protecting human rights and preserving their right to life”.

He also stressed the need to raise global awareness and strengthen the partnership of civil societies with military and security institutions to reject extremism and terrorism, pointing to the cooperation between the PSD, the Interpol, and a number of countries at the global level in this area.

The PSD believes that the most important weapon in facing terrorism is by confronting extremist ideology, as it launched the establishment of the Center for Community Peace in 2014, a center specialized in combating extremist ideology, Hamoud pointed out.

For his part, the Chinese official praised the PSD’s “advanced” level in combating crime, especially terrorism-related crimes, and its efforts to integrate modern technology to serve the security system.

Yuejin also stressed the readiness to strengthen bilateral relations and increase the level of cooperation and coordination between the security agencies in the two countries in all police and security fields to protect societies.

Source: Jordan News Agency