Providing safe, healthy educational environments “Jordanian priority”: Minister

Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Wajih Owais, said that providing educational environments and enabling, safe and healthy support systems, ensuring that all students have access to education is a Jordanian priority.

Speaking to the global challenges session in dealing with education crises, held in New York within the UN-hosted Transforming Education Summit (TES), Owais said in this regard that Jordan focuses in particular on children at risk of dropping out of education, including those with disabilities and refugees, as emphasized by the ten-year strategy for inclusive education 2020-2030, and Jordan’s recently adopted declaration on inclusion and diversity in education.

Owais underlined Jordan’s keenness to provide good education opportunities for all Syrian refugee children and others inside Jordanian schools across K-12, according to a ministry statement issued on Wednesday.

He pointed out that Jordan hosts refugees from various Middle Eastern countries who have sought asylum due to the multiple humanitarian crises, with the continuous support of the international community.

He reaffirmed Jordan’s commitment to building a flexible educational system that protects everyone’s right to education and enhances crisis and risk management in education in order to ensure the safety and well-being of students, educational and administrative cadres, and the protection of educational infrastructure, and its commitment to monitoring gender, disability and vulnerabilities in response to specific needs, by classifying data across all SDG4 indicators.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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