Providing safe, healthy educational environments “Jordanian priority”: Minister, 2nd add

He said joint efforts are needed to ensure teachers are able to teach at the appropriate level, and provide all children with the opportunity to develop basic literacy and numeracy skills and skills for life and work.

Owais added that Jordan is aware of the importance of ensuring equal access to education, so it established the national online learning platform, which reached about 94 per cent of students at the national level, providing allowances for children who are unable, including refugees, and distributing printed materials to support home schooling.

He noted that the use of technology in education during the pandemic has been introduced by creating an interactive platform (JO Learn) with a zero rating to ensure that all children have access to continuous learning.

He further added that the concepts of the hybrid learning strategy will be applied to all grades in the Jordanian education system to integrate them along with e-learning to make better use of the diverse and enriching learning resources of technology to respond to students’ different needs.

Owais said that the Learning Bridges experience is an example of national inclusive education programs, as it provided the opportunity for students to apply concepts they saw online or on television in practical activities at home, which had a significant impact in bridging the educational loss gap.

He said that Jordan devote special attention to linking education with employment and labor market needs, in a way that ensures that students do not drop out of education by reorienting educational paths towards professional employment.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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