Providing medicine a priority: says health minister

Amman, Minister of Health Dr. Saad Jaber said provision of medicines constantly in the ministry’s hospitals and health centers is a top priority.

During his visit to the ministry’s Procurement and Supply Directorate, Jaber instructed the concerned authorities to take all necessary administrative and financial measures to ensure the provision of medicine nonstop and carefully follow-up on the stages of providing drugs once needs are identified, based on a practical basis of abiding by the stages of bidding, delivery, and distribution to warehouses in the regions.

The minister stressed the commitment to the health priorities for the years 2019 to 2020, foremost of which is to float medicine bids for 15 months instead of a year to ensure sustained delivery medicines without any interruption.

Jaber noted the committee formed under chairmanship of the Director-General of the General Organization for Food and Drug and membership of a number of competent institutions “is very important when talking about the drug security.”

Source: Jordan News Agency