Prince Faisal urges sustaining support to women

Prince Faisal bin Al Hussein, Chairman of the Jordanian Olympic Committee (JOC), congratulated the international community on the occasion of International Women’s Day, which falls on Thursday.

On the occasion, Prince Faisal, Vice-President of the Committee on Women and Sports of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), stressed the need to continue joint efforts among all actors, including sports organizations, to enhance the women’s role in societies.

“On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we look forward to continuing work to ensure women’s rights within and outside the sport sector,” Prince Faisal said.

“There are many challenges that we can overcome through teamwork, shared responsibility and creating equal opportunities for both sexes in the sports sector,” he added.

The Jordanian Olympic Committee has always keen to support women’s sport and to give them the opportunity to represent Jordan in the largest sports forums.

To achieve this bid, Jordanian women are present in many of our sports federations where they hold leadership positions.

Source: Jordan News Agency