Prime Minister withdraws income tax law from Parliament

Prime Minister, Omar al-Razzaz, has decided to withdraw the income tax bill for 2018 from the Lower House Of Parliament, after the Cabinet discussed during its first session on Thursday the dimensions of the draft law and comments of the various sectors on it.

The decision comes in line with the Royal directives contained in the Letter of Designation, which stressed the need for a comprehensive review of the tax system and the tax burden in an integrated manner, away from imposing indirect and unfair consumer taxes.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister said the public interest necessitates the withdrawal of the draft income tax law for several reasons, foremost of which was the bill did not receive the deep discussions despite its importance, and added the draft law should be studied within the framework of the total tax burden, and the need to focus on tax evasion.

He said the draft law will be go through a deep and extensive dialogue that involves the Parliament, the civil society organizations, private sector institutions, chambers of industry and trade, businessmen and other concerned sectors.

In the same context, the Prime Minister stressed Jordan’s commitment to the financial reform program and the continuation of economic reforms, taking into account the social and economic impacts on citizens, and stressed the need for these reforms in a bid to achieve the necessary growth to boost resilience of the national economy.

The Prime Minister also decided during the meeting to form a committee for the purpose of studying amendments on the civil service law, as previously agreed with the House of Parliament in the presence of the Council of Professional Associations.

On the same session, the Cabinet decided to name the Minister of State for Media Affairs Jumana Ghneimat as the official government spokesperson.

Source: Jordan News Agency