Political, Parliamentary Affairs Minister meets Kenya’s National Assembly Speaker

Amman, Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Musa Maaytah, on Wednesday, met with Speaker of Kenya’s National Assembly Justin Muturi who is visiting the Kingdom leading a high-level parliamentary delegation.

Maaytah and Muturi lauded ties between both countries and said they looked forward to enhance them and exchanging expertise in various economic, tourism and cultural fields.

The minister briefed the Kenyan delegation on the Jordanian partisan experience.

He pointed out that Jordan always seeks to develop a system of legislation related to parties functions in a way that serves party life and establishes a ground for parliamentary governments.

He explained that the draft amended law on financial funding for parties is based on activating the role of women, youth and participation in elections.

Muturi said that partisan landscape in his country requires granting a financial funding for the party to participate in the elections, and also requires getting 5 percent of the total parliamentary seats, noting that Kenya parliament has 14 parties.

He called for continued cooperation and exchange of expertise between the two countries in various fields, especially the partisan and parliamentary.

Source: Jordan News Agency – Petra