Poland cancels Israeli education minister visit

Amman, The Polish government Monday announced it cancelled the visit of Israeli Minister of Education and the leader of The Jewish Home party, Naftali Bennett, according to a statement a copy of which was obtained by Russian Sputnik news agency.

Israeli I24 news channel quoted the spokesperson of the Polish government as saying, “There will be no such visit.” Bennett was supposed to head this week to Poland to meet the Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Gowin. It would have been the first meeting between the two sides since the passing of the controversial bill that outlaws attributing holocaust crimes to the Polish people.

Bennett said in the statement that “the decision by the Polish government has a role to play in Holocaust education, even if they intended it to achieve something else.” noting that “I accepted an invitation to a dialogue based on truth. The Polish government chose to avoid this truth.” Israel showed firm opposition to the Polish Senate legislation whereby people who hold Poland accountable for the crimes against humanity committed by Nazi Germany will serve a three-year jail sentence, considering this legislation “an attempt to change the facts and to tamper with the history of the Jewish people.”

Source: Jordan News Agency