PM warns of the escalating Covid-19 situation, pledges government’s commitment to in-person education


The Prime Minister, Dr. Bishr Khasawneh, warned of repercussions of the “escalating” curve on Covid-19 rates and infections, and related fatalities and hospitalizations during the past days.


The Prime Minister, while chairing a meeting of the Supreme Framework Committee to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic-induced repercussions, which was held at the Prime Ministry on Wednesday, said this escalation in the infection rates requires “caution and precaution to uphold our strategic goal to reach a safe summer in which all sectors are reopened by next September.”


The PM also confirmed that the government is proceeding with its plans and commitments to return in-person class education in schools during next September and in universities at the beginning of October within the public health requirements.


The PM, moreover, stressed the importance of reaching “socially safe” numbers and percentages of the Covid-19 vaccine recipients, as a “key” matter to move forward with plans to reopen the sectors, stressing that all vaccines that Jordan administers are “safe, effective” and approved by the Jordan Food and Drug Administration (JFDA) and in accordance with assessments and estimates of the competent international authorities.


The PM directed the concerned ministries and institutions to strengthen monitoring and inspection mechanisms to deal “firmly” with non-compliance to public safety procedures and defense orders and impose “deterrent” penalties against violators.


In this regard, Khasawneh said:” There is no leniency in the procedures to monitor health violations,” adding that the campaign is not “temporary, but a sustainable monitoring effort” that guarantees “adequate and clear” deterrence against people and establishments that do not comply with the public health and safety requirements, whose failure to comply leads to the pandemic’s spread and triggers pressure on the health sector.


The PM said: “We do not have luxury to go towards imposing restrictions on the economic movement,” adding that the “central” defense line is represented by preventive measures and vaccinations.


In a bid to closely follow up the pandemic indicators, the PM directed the concerned authorities to submit a report to him on conditions of hospitals and health facilities and their readiness to deal with any developments related to the Kingdom’s epidemiological situation.


The Committee discussed preparations of all health and concerned authorities to deal with any developments, or increase in the infection numbers and set measures to be taken to reach the goal of achieving a safe summer and opening the sectors, in addition to providing vaccinations in “sufficient” quantities and motivating citizens to get the vaccine and abide by public health and safety measures.


Source: Jordan News Agency

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