PM visits Telecommunication Regulatory Commission

Prime Minister, Hani Mulki, on Wednesday paid a visit to the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (TRC), during which he was briefed on its achievements, activities, facilities and services it provides to the ICT and post sectors.

In a meeting with TRC Chairman of the Board of Commissioners and CEO, Ghazi Al-Jobor and board members, the prime minister said Jordan is proud of the TRC’s advanced performance and great effort, not only in organizing the sector, but also in providing better service to citizens and ensuring that this service reaches them with a quality that is equal to the price they pay for it.

He pointed out that the service sector in Jordan is one of the most important sectors and that the telecommunications sector is at the forefront of these sectors that support the state budget and gross national income.

He added that the TRC is among the best independent institutions in terms of quality service and excellence.

Many of those who worked in the TRC are currently working in Arab and foreign countries and provide their experience in this pioneering institution, the premier noted.

“I hope that the Lower House’s economic and financial committees would visit the TRC to check on this independent institution,” the prime minister added.

He emphasized that independent institutions were established to succeed and the TRC is an example of this success.

He stressed that the telecommunications sector should be seen as a productive sector and “we are proud that Jordan is a country of security and safety and of its ability to attract investments.”

The prime minister said Jordan has seen a quantum leap in the last 15 years in providing services, noting that there might be some delay in the digitization of government services, but the private sector has made significant progress in this area.

Al-Mulki pointed out that the government plans to start exclusively providing 10 E-services and will continue to expand these services, which places a greater effort on the TRC to achieve.

The prime minister stressed the importance of communicating with telecommunications companies so that the competition in prices would be within the framework of the competition law and serves the citizen, and at the same time does no harm to the sector and the sustainability of profitability of these companies.

The TRC Chairman gave a briefing on the commission’s tasks and responsibilities as well as its role in protecting the interests of ICT services and post users, in addition to projects and programs implemented by the TRC.

Source: Jordan News Agency