PM says gov’t mulling major investments to prop up economic growth

Prime Minister Hani Mulki said his government is mulling major investments to stimulate economic growth and is in contact with a number of countries to remove obstacles to Jordanian exports and revisit trade agreements signed with other countries to ensure they serve the interests of all stakeholders.

Chairing an Economic Policy Council meeting, the prime minister cited the proposed new capital city as an example of a mega venture that would find drastic solutions to social and economic challenges and attract further investments.

The meeting highlighted progress made towards the delivery of the economic stimuli plan. In this context, Mulki said the council has come up with a number of recommendations and proposed projects designed to spur economic growth and mitigate the impact of financial hardships.

Speaking on a draft income tax law, the prime minister the government has not “reached a final vision yet”, but the draft should ensure better collection and robust control on tax evasion and dodging.

Source: Jordan News Agency