PM launches National Strategy for Youth … 1st and final add

He noted that main themes of the strategy include education and technology constitute the keystone as the world is entering the fourth industrial revolution which requires innovation and creativity at a time the natural resources no longer count as the main force moving forward the development and progress compared with the human resources, which Jordan works adamantly to strengthen.

On the substantial values that the strategy include such as culture and tolerance and respect for the other opinion, the prime minister said that this region in particular is in dire need for these values, pointing out that the state of wars and fragmentation that some countries have witnessed are due to the domination of sub-identities at the expense of the national identity and the alienation of dialogue in within the society.

With regard to the rule of law, he pointed out to His Majesty’s vision for an effective state of law, pointing out that a strong country is one that applies the rule of law on very one without discrimination or moodiness, something that requires a strong community that does not bully the state or the public money.

Source: Jordan News Agency