PM: Gov’t committed to independent judiciary

Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Monday reiterated his government’s full commitment to the independence of the judiciary and its readiness to provide the necessary resources to the judicial authority to ensure its efficiency.

He made the remarks during a visit to the Judicial Council where he met with the President of the Court of Cassation, Judge Mohammed Al Ghazo and members of the council, in the presence of Minister of Justice Awad Abu Jarad Al-Mashaqbeh and Minister of State for Legal Affairs Mubarak Abu Yamin.

Razzaz highlighted the important role and message of the judicial system in enhancing the rule of law and respecting human rights, pointing out the accomplishments that have been made by the judiciary recently, especially regarding the speed of litigation and adjudication procedures.

During the meeting, which focused on maintaining coordination between the executive and judicial authorities, Razzaz affirmed the importance of working with concerned bodies to speed up judicial proceedings.

The Judicial Council president said that His Majesty King Abdullah’s support to the judiciary, including the recommendations of the Royal Committee for Developing the Judiciary and Enhancing the Rule of Law, provided a proper climate to improve the performance of the judiciary, noting that the Jordanian judiciary will remain transparent and will continue to achieve justice for all.

Source: Jordan News Agency