PM concludes US visit

Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz concluded his official working visit to the United States accompanied by a ministerial and economic team, during which he held talks with senior US administration officials, World Bank executive directors, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and a group of businessmen and investors.

Talks dealt with the importance of continuing to support Jordan to enable it to face economic challenges, as well as the respect and reputation of Jordan’s foreign policy and its important role in promoting security and stability of the region and the world.

The Jordanian delegation showcased the Kingdom’s reforms aimed at reducing deficit, controlling debts and creating an attractive investment environment to attract international investments and establish projects that contribute to sustainable economic development and job creation that contribute to reducing unemployment and poverty.

The visit was an opportunity for the Jordanian delegation to come up with directions regarding the preparations for the London conference on investment in Jordan in February.

The Jordanian delegation’s discussions focused on the government’s program to promote economic growth and the aid program to be provided by donor agencies in the form of grants to the treasury, loan guarantees and loans with very low interest rates.

The Jordanian delegation discussed the government’s efforts to reduce the debt ratio in parallel with the capital investment to stimulate economic growth through soft and long-term loans to ease the burden of debt interests and contribute to reducing the deficit and debt according to the 2019 funding budget and that of the coming years and to focus of spending on development projects and services.

The World Bank loan is still to be negotiated, and its terms will be discussed within the Economic Team and the Ministerial Economic Development Committee and recommendations regarding the loan will be presented to the cabinet.

Source: Jordan News Agency