PM checks on process to verify Audit Bureau report

Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz Tuesday checked on measures taken by a team tasked with reviewing malpractices included in the 2017 Audit Bureau report, which was passed to the Lower House.

In a meeting with the team, headed by Cabinet Secretary General Sami Al-Daoud and attended by Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, Majd Shweikeh, who is in charge of Institutional Performance and Policies Development at the Prime Ministry, and Audit Bureau President Abed Kharabsheh, the prime minister was briefed on the methodology adopted to address violations with a high sense of responsibility and transparency.

The Prime Minister commended the spirit of cooperation and complementarity with which the team worked with the Audit Bureau to deal with the irregularities, stressing the government’s commitment to fighting all forms of financial and administrative corruption and waste of public money.

He stressed the importance of dealing with the same level of responsibility and seriousness in addressing the 2018 Audit Bureau report, stressing that not a single case will be overlooked.

Razzaz also emphasised the importance of strengthening the Audit Bureau’s role in administrative control, and said the government will support the efforts of the Bureau, which will help reduce malpractice.

Al-Daoud, who heads the team, said that the cases contained in the report included corruption, embezzlement, forgery, fraudulent land sales between individuals, abuse of public office, tenders and financial contracts, unauthorized travel allowances, among others.

Source: Jordan News Agency