PM assures public over COVID-19 measures, says prevention key to address the disease

Amman, Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Saturday chaired a National Center for Security and Crisis Management meeting that approved and activated a comprehensive national plan to confront the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Following the meeting, Razzaz announced a new series of measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic and protect the country and citizens in light of its rapid spread across the globe.

“We are not isolated from what is happening in the world and things around us are turning from bad to worse. This is an unprecedented situation facing all countries of the world,” the prime minister said as he announced the measures.

Razzaz stressed that the countries that succeeded were the first to protect their citizens by taking preventive measures before the virus spread and not after it, assuring that: “We are still fine, but this does not mean that we stand down. Prevention is better than cure.”

He said: “We, as a public sector, have a major and fundamental responsibility, but this goal cannot be achieved without real partnership with all components of our Jordanian society….together we will work to defeat this disease and prevent its spread in Jordan”.

He pointed out that the set of decisions and actions taken by the government came after an in-depth study and dialogue with all concerned, including technicians and professionals, noting that the concerned ministers will provide more details about these measures in the coming days.

“We have to take this virus very seriously and call on everyone to adhere and comply with all instructions issued now and in the future,” Razzaz emphasized.

The prime minister also thanked the media, which ruled out rumors as a source of information, stressing: “What we are witnessing today is a true embodiment of a Jordanian reality in which all are united without exception on the official and popular levels led by His Majesty King Abdullah II.”

“Today, we do not have any COVID-19 case and we, as a government, are committed to absolute transparency by announcing any infection, God forbid, if it occurs,” Razzaz concluded.

Source: Jordan News Agency