PM affirms national role of professional associations

Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh Monday stressed the national role of professional associations, and pledged that his government will cooperate with them to raise the level of the professions and improve the conditions of their members.


He said at a meeting with heads of associations, which was attended by a number of ministers, that the professional associations are “houses of intellectual and professional expertise that the government seeks to benefit from in overcoming many of the key challenges facing our country.”


The Prime Minister noted that trade unions “historically introduced leaders who contributed to the renaissance of the Jordanian state, and offered qualitative additions to the administrative apparatus and the country’s general political performance.”


Since its formation, he said, the government has been keen to meet with representatives of civil society institutions, but the meeting with professional associations was delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, promising to visit the Professional Associations Complex during the next few weeks.


Khasawneh said that “the difficult year we experienced as a result of the pandemic had affected many tracks,” including restricting professional associations from holding elections.


However, he added that as the epidemiological situation improves, elections can be held, starting in the Spring, noting the associations’ role in society’s awareness and opening up more sectors.


He said that although the government’s measures had helped to reduce COVID-19 infections, the tests’ positivity rate of about 5 per cent remains the highest globally permissible, which means “we are still in the community transmission stage, which requires more adherence to preventive measures and social distancing.”


The premier said that the government had raised the health sector’s capacity to 300 per cent to keep track of the epidemiological developments and treat the coronavirus patients, adding that these capacities will be employed for health care in the post-COVID period.


He also pledged to safeguard public freedoms, “where the sky is the limit with commitment to the rule of law by all,” and adding that his government had not filed a single lawsuit against any journalist or critic of its policies or measures.


Khasawneh, whose government won a vote of confidence in the lower house last week, said the government is open to cooperation with the legislature to finalize legislation governing political development. He and vowed to combat corruption.


Head of the Jordan Agricultural Engineers Association Abdel Hadi Falahat said the meeting addressed many issues that affect the lives of citizens, including the political or economic aspects, as well as freedoms, the teachers association, Jordanian prisoners in Israel, combatting corruption and enhancing public trust in state institutions.


Source: Jordan News Agency


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