Petra marks 49th anniversary

The Jordan News Agency, Petra, on Monday renewed its commitment to proceed towards realizing the concept of a state media representing the society and the people and carrying the message of the government and its institutions.

State Minister for Media Affairs and Government Spokesperson, Jumana Ghunaimat, stressed that the media image and reputation built by Petra at the Arab and regional levels “did not come from a vacuum, but was the accumulation of the expertise and excellence of its employees in their various professions.”

She urged the agency to embrace the achievements it had made at the national and regional levels, keep pace with the media advancement and modernisation and meet the agency’s needs and the demand of its staff.

Ghunaimat said that the agency had embraced a balanced approach down the development path it had charted, while upholding professionalism, credibility and accuracy in its reporting of national news.

The government, she said, is seeking to change the stereotypes about the official media outlets to become representative of society and carry the people’s grievances and problems.

Petra director General Mohammad Omari pledged that the national news agency will keep up its message of serving the country and the citizens in a responsible and professional fashion, cater to the aspirations of youth and keep abreast of media advancement.

Omari announced during the ceremony the launch of an updated website that will be directly managed by the agency’s IT staff.

Source: Jordan News Agency