Pan-Arab-Parliamentary Union praises Jordan’s role towards holy sites in Jerusalem

The final communique of the 28th extraordinary session of Pan-Arab-Parliamentary Union praised Jordan’s role towards the holy sites in Jerusalem, stressing the importance of including the Palestinian issue on the agenda of all meetings of the Pan-Arab-Parliamentary Union.

The communique affirmed the need to work towards a new international framework to realize peace in the Middle East. The United Nations should work to provide international protection to the Palestinian people and implement its resolutions concerning the Palestinian issue on the ground, the communique added.

It also rejected the US administration’s decision to transfer its embassy to Jerusalem, calling for supporting the Palestinians to restore their rights.

The communique also condemned the Israeli practices against the Palestinian people, stressing that such practices undermine the peace process.

It also stressed the need to prevent any foreign intervention that would hinder efforts to build Arab unity.

Speaker of the Lower House of the Parliament Atef Tarawneh represented Jordan to the meeting.

Source: Jordan News Agency