Palestinians protest in UNRWA clinic in Gaza

Gaza, Dozens of Palestinians whose homes were destroyed by Israel, carried out protests for the 14th day in a row in a clinic of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) asking for rental subsidy payments.

The UNRWA said in statement that its budget currently cannot cover the rental subsidy, stating it will continue to call on donors to obtain the necessary funding to make the payment.

Several Palestinians’ homes are being reconstructed, while others are on a waiting list, it added, pointing out that it will disburse the payment immediately if resources were available to do so.

Noteworthy, some 350 families whose homes were destroyed during Israeli attacks still live in rental houses.

UNRWA provides displaced families in Gaza with a rental subsidy payment, without which they risk living in damaged, half-repaired homes or going deeply into debt to pay rent by themselves.

Source: Jordan News Agency